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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal and everything we need to know in this field

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Slimming clinic

Slimming and local slimming clinic with the latest devices

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gel injection

Everything we need to know about gel injection


skin Cleaning

Everything you need to know about facial or skin cleansing

About us

Mahetehran Beauty Clinic

Mahetehran specialized beauty clinic is proud to specialize in the field of skin, hair, beauty and fitness with the benefit of university professors, renowned specialists and experienced staff equipped with the most up-to-date specialized devices in the world in a space of more than 400 square meters and a modern, relaxing and welcoming environment. Specially, it hosts its distinguished guests.

کلینیک ماه تهران

Mahetehran beauty clinic services

Cosmetic surgery services at Mahetehran clinic

rhinoplasty {nose surgery}

Upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

buccal fat

Goofy suction

Temple and eyebrow lift

Facial and buttock fat injection

Hair, eyebrow and beard transplant services

Using the most advanced equipment and hair transplant devices

Implantation by FUT, FIT, SUT, BHT, micro FIT and...

Taking advantage of the most skilled and skilled hair transplant specialists in Iran

Use of experienced medical staff

Providing a written guarantee for head and facial hair transplantation

Body cosmetic surgery services

Lipomatic {abdomen, sides and hips}


Stomach sleeve

Breast and hip prosthesis

Skin and hair services

Botox {forehead, frown lines, crow's feet and cat's eyes}

Filler {lip gel, nose, cheek, chin and angularization of the face and jaw}

Hair filler {for hair regrowth and hair loss}

Laser hair removal {women and men}

Body slimming {with massage and machine}



Hair mesotherapy

Mahetehran beauty clinic services

List of our services

پاک کردن تاتو

Tattoo removal

What is the best way to remove a tattoo? Tattoos or tattoos on the face and body are very popular among young people, and this popularity is a thousand years old. In the past, removing a tattoo had a painful price, the methods used to remove a tattoo in the past caused serious damage to the skin.

لیزر موهای زائد

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is known as one of the best methods of permanent body hair removal. In this method, without any suffering from skin allergies caused by

تزریق بوتاکس

botax injection

Did you know that when you smile, frown, think, sleep, etc., your facial muscles are contracting and moving? Since birth, the facial nerves cause this movement

تزریق ژل لب

Lip gel injection

The role of lips in the beauty of the face is not hidden from anyone, but not everyone is born with attractive lips. Today, with the advancement of technology in all fields



Facial is a multipurpose skin treatment that includes things like steam, face mask, exfoliation, cleansing, massage.

کلینیک لاغری

Slimming clinic

Traditional slimming methods, including strict diets and inappropriate exercise, in addition to reducing motivation after a while, cause weight loss and fat loss.

جوانسازی پوست

skin rejuvenation

As we age, one of the most obvious changes in our appearance is the appearance of wrinkles in the facial skin due to the loss of fat and properties.

Mah Tehran Beauty Complex in Mirdamad Tehran is equipped with the latest and best medical equipment along with a professional team and expert doctors ready to provide beauty services in the field of skin, hair and fitness.


Successful experience

Beauty clinics

Why Mahetehran Beauty Clinic?

پزشکان مجرب

Experienced doctors

In Mahetehran Clinic, the most experienced beauty specialists are used to provide beauty services to achieve the best results for you beauty seekers.

محیط بهداشتی

Sanitary environment

Due to the corona epidemic in recent years, one of the concerns of the clients is the hygiene and cleanliness of the clinic. At Tehran Mah Clinic, we guarantee the health of the environment.

بهترین تجهیزات

Best medical equipment

Mahetehran Clinic is an importer of the best equipment in the field of skin and hair beauty. Alex’s laser device, laser Kioswitch, slimming devices and the best brands of consumables

کلینیک ماه تهران
قیمت مناسب

Best price

Today, according to the economic conditions, the cost of beauty services for beauticians is, of course, a very important point along with the quality of work. And in this clinic, we guarantee the best service price in Tehran.

مشاوره رایگان

free consultation

Consultants and specialists of Mah Tehran Beauty Center are ready to provide telephone, WhatsApp, and online consultations to you dear ones. Contact us if you have any questions, including the price.

چندین سال سابقه

Several years of experience

We use the best beauty experts who have been in this field for more than 10 years to bring you the best results.

Beauty is yours

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay in installments at Mahetehran Clinic?

Due to the rising costs of beauty clinics, many people do not go to these clinics due to lack of funds, but Mahetehran Beauty Clinic has made it possible for its beauty seekers to pay the full cost in cash. At the same time, use installment payment terms. Contact us to know about installment payment.

Does Mahetehran Clinic have the approval of the Ministry of Health?

Mahetehran Beauty Clinic is ready to offer its services to our dear compatriots with the best experts with experience in the field of beauty and cosmetic surgery with official approval from the Ministry of Health.

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Comments of our dear beauty lovers

peace be upon you

I am really grateful to the doctor and your staff for the service and the best injection of your lip gel. You are excellent. Thank you

Negar Akhwan


Thank you very much, Dr. John, you really don’t hurt my hand, the angulation of my face was the way I wanted it

Sanaz Mohammadi

Hello friends

I want to thank the doctor for my nose surgery, Mr. Doctor, thank you very much, my nose has improved, may God bless you always

Tanaz Masoom Nejad

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